Sunday, June 30, 2013

5 miles and counting

Woohoo!!!! I just ran 5 miles ... which I have never done, consecutively anyways. I am so proud of myself, I bested my 5k time and did my fastest mile to date 10:24" This might be due to the fabulous song I downloaded before going out... "radioactive" by imagine dragons.

I took my camelbak aurora out for the first time also to see how I liked it. My verdict... amazing! I loved it, so glad I found it. It has so many pockets and holds 2L of water. I didn't even remember it was on my back, I didn't get sweaty or anything :)

It was so much better than running with a handheld water bottle. I even put my phone in it so I didn't have to wear the armband! I will do a more detailed review of it this week so you can see how awesome it is.

During my run I ate my chomps and drank about half a liter of water and felt good. I got the blast of energy kick in around mile 3, I started dying out around 4 ( it was really hot out). I was glad to be done so I could try out my gu brew recovery mix and be in some air conditioning.

I bought the strawberry watermelon flavor, on the package it says to drink it right after I did. It was really refreshing and easy to make. The flavor was light and not overwhelming, great for after my long runs. Till next time...


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