Friday, June 14, 2013

Attack of the sharkies

My run the other day was per usual :

I was able to complete most of the lap with a light jog which for me is more of a light run. I feel like I'm starting to tolerate the running without all the huffing and puffing. The run went pretty well until the end.

 Earlier in the day I went to sports authority to get some energy chews and other things to aid me. The first gummy I will review is the sharkie . These are technically for kids but I thought I'd try them anyways as a good way to introduce myself to energy chews.

i had the pack before my run and let me tell you I did not have a pleasant surprise at the end of my run. I was on the way back about 2min from my house when BAM it hits me. My stomach was at war with these gummies.  Lets just say I had to run back :( 

I never really take supplements so I think my body needs to get used to them slowly. I didn't feel much of a difference, probably because I bought the kid ones and clearly I am not 8! I will be reviewing all my other goodies as the weeks roll on. Next time I will try them out at home first before I go off on a run to see how they sit with my tummy... Lesson learned!


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