Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Can't miss me ..

What a long weekend... I am so tired as I write this! Yesterday me and Dan stayed at the keys for father's day and had such an early morning today & then work right after. I couldn't miss another workout considering what happened last time I took a running vacay, according to my nike app I hadn't worked out in 5 days. Let's start out with my bright and fabulous outfit... couldn't miss me if you tried. I never really match so I felt a little corny but hey it looked cute after all ( the socks matching was a coincidence I swear!).

I also tried out some sport beans on my run, didn't really notice any change in my energy but I also didn't run very far. The taste was yummy, reminded me of gatorade. I had trouble taking them out of the pouch mid-run since the opening is fairly small. I felt like I was eating candy.

My pace stayed around the same as previous runs, I'm just glad it isn't slowing down too much. This weekend is my first "long run" which is 4 miles, hopefully I keep a decent pace!

When I feel like the snails are passing me I always try to remember that quote. To have big dreams you have to have big determination :)

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