Monday, July 1, 2013

Joint care for my nobby knees!

Knee pain is one of the most annoying things I have dealt with in my current training. It is this ache which is consistent while I run and after. So I have been desperately trying to find a cure for it which led me to osteo-biflex, this is a huge pill which is for joint health. Let's just say this was a horrible experience. This enormous pill got stuck in my chest (actually it just scratched my esophagus according to my doctor) and I had pain for about 3 days!

So I heard that the same company makes gummies... I went off to find them and to my surprise they were so expensive. $35 for a 60 ct. bottle. So I found this juice that contains the magical ingredient glucosamine. I have been reading non stop about what can make my pain feel better and this is the ingredient that I was looking for. Apparently I don't have that much cartilage in my knee and that is what is causing my pain.
I have been drinking these juices for about a week and they taste pretty good and I really hope they work. I haven't been taking them long enough to tell just yet. I will keep you posted :) anything is worth at least a try!


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