Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tower of Terror training update

Well I survived my first long run! 4 miles in 50min, averaging 13min miles :)  I was mighty exhausted by the time I came home but felt very productive. I didn't have such a great night because I am dog sitting and he kept waking me up all night. We went for a morning walk around 8am and then I ate some yummy Justins on toast to fuel my run.

I gave running in the morning another shot, this time I ran a different route that was mostly shaded. I must say I still enjoy running at night better but it wasn't as hot as the other time. I took my new nathan handheld water bottle with me. It wasn't all that great just because my hand got really sweaty and my gatorade got warm. On the upside it did stay in place and it has a pocket for my gu chomps.

I will give it another try on my short runs to see how it goes.


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