Sunday, June 9, 2013

Morning test run

Ok so I usually run at night and today I decided to give the morning a shot. I have missed several training runs during the last two weeks since we were on vacation and the weather hasn't been the best here, so I knew this wasn't going to be a breeze.  It was beautiful day and I had to take advantage.

( this is my usual route.. Awesome right?)

I started out great, even ran my fastest mile to date which is 10'43".. as the time passed or crawled by I started to deteriorate. I set a goal of 4 miles and barely made it half way when I couldn't even catch my breath. I slowed down to a walk and had to stop the run on my nike app :( .

 While I was walking back to my house I was thinking of some of the things I did wrong and ways to improve on future runs.

  • Eat a good breakfast; I basically only had a glass of milk
  • Make sure you feel comfortable with the weather; I am def a night runner the heat was too much
  • Stay hydrated; I forgot my water bottle and hadn't drank much water since the day before
  • Don't go too long without a training run; I feel like I lost all the hard work I had been doing
I am proud of myself for realizing I wasn't feeling all that great and being able to turn around without much guilt. Till next time 


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