Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Runner's high

So there is this thing that runners talk about... The elusive runner's high. It's a state of euphoria one experience on long runs. I think I might have experienced it the other day on my six mile run. The run went perfectly and I must say those gu chomps are really helpful. I get this great kick of energy right when I need it thanks to these gummies. I finish in a great state and don't feel exhausted. Maybe this had something to do with the runners high I think I was having.

I was on this cloud by mile 5 that I don't think anyone could've brought me down from! So I figured I'm either delusional or this is it... the runners high. I was smiling, keeping up pace and surprisingly not dying.

Now that I am upping my mileage I think I am starting to experience it. i really have felt so accomplished and I'm getting addicted to the feeling of satisfaction I get once i complete a run. I go back home so happy and I finally think I found something that makes me feel my best!
Now that I know runners high is real, at least to me, I will continue to try and reach that place of happy.



  1. Yay for runners highs! I don't know if I'd continue running if I never got them. Congrats on your first. Welcome to the addiction!

  2. Thanks!!!! i knew I had it and now that's the feeling i'm looking for everytime I go out for a run.