Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Greetings from Costa Rica

So this past week I was in Costa Rica!!! A much needed vacation from the madness in Miami.. the thing I was looking forward to the most was these monkeys that are supposed to be everywhere. My mission.. to feed them!

I won't bore you with stories since all we really did for the first couple days was lay around by the pool and relax. The most exciting part was seeing the monkeys.. They were everywhere after we left a banana on the porch.
(I ran out of the shower when I heard they showed up, hence the outfit)

We had an amazing view from our house, it was like a little slice of heaven. I could spend all day in that pool, and there was so much wildlife all around us which kept it entertaining.

One of the days we went zip lining, I have done it in the past but this was even better. When we were checking in they had a bunch of framed pics of celebrities that had done it there in the past. And hey, if it's good enough for the kardashians its good enough for me!
The only bad part was having to go up the mountains and at some point I got really exhausted...
                                                ( Not very athletic looking am I hahah)

The monkeys came back the next morning which made me extremely happy. I don't think anyone on that trip had a banana since I was keeping them hostage for the monkeys!

And he was looking for me once I went in ....

( Amazing how humanlike they are right??? )

Well those are some of my fave pictures from the trip... till next time. Oh I forgot to add in the most relaxing part: My first trip to a real spa. Hot stone massage for 90min... delicious :) a perfect end to a great vacation.


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