Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Orange Theory Fitness

Today I went to this new place called orange theory fitness. I have been trying out new places to cross train while I work on my running. This past week I have been a bit dead since I did this kettle bell workout that killed me, I didn't do much unfortunately. So back to this new workout place.

It was super easy to sign up, just gave them a call and they asked for my height and weight and told me to come in 15min before class to get a quick explanation on how the class works. There are rowing machines, treadmills, and free weights. They put a heart rate monitor on you so that it is monitored on a big tv with everyone's names.

This was neat because you can see in what zone you are while you work out. So I started out on the treadmills, we basically did intervals of inclines and speed. I stayed in the green/ orange zone for a good portion of this which is good. I was on the treadmills for about 28min and a total of 2.6 miles. I was pretty tired but the short breaks for walks helped a lot. 

Then we moved onto the rowing/ free weight training. I was pretty awful at this... the trainer is on a microphone yelling out instructions and the music was loud so I was a bit distracted. The rowing was just not happening for me because my arms were so sore. 

Then there was the suspension strings you see in the pic, we did some lunges while pulling on these babies and wow did I feel it. Overall I really liked this place and they offer a free week of sessions. At the end you get to see how many minutes you were in each zone and how many calories you burned; I got 380. I felt good and not as sore as with other workouts which is a good thing. If you happen to have one of these by you I strongly recommend it :) 


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